Right to Dignity

Helping Homeless People by providing the Dignity of a Roof.

Why it Makes the Difference

It was enough to pay for up to 2 coffees.
It would allow RightToDignity to buy one "extra" Camping Tent.
It will give a Homeless in your city one more Roof to live under.
That's all you need to fill a Homeless life with Hope and Dignity.

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Right to Dignity
#1 - Tell us About You
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#3 - How Much should I Donate?
An easy way to know is to ask yourself
>> How Many Homeless can I help today..

      $9 helps   1 Homeless

    $45 helps   5 Homeless

    $90 helps  10 Homeless

  $180 helps  20 Homeless

  $450 helps  50 Homeless

  $900 helps 100 Homeless

$1000 helps 111 Homeless

Please consider helping
as many Homeless as possible.
#4 - Ready?
Donating makes you feel good.
Thanks for making the Difference